It’s beginning to look a lot like … point of purchase displays?

If you’re like me, you’re scrambling around this week buying last minute gifts for family members and friends. So you’re probably seeing what I’m seeing. Lots and lots of POP (point-of-purchase) displays, advertising sales or seasonal specials. Chances are that no matter what retail establishment you walk into, you’re going to see something POP, whether it’s a branded retail counter, a clothing display or shelving unit, a floor or window decal or a large format banner stand. It’s all POP.

And guess what? As soon as the holiday season is over, these same retailers are going to have to completely rebrand everything for Valentine’s Day. And then St. Patrick’s Day. And then Easter. You get the picture.

So get your POP on and start checking this stuff out when you’re out and about. Need help in this arena? We’ve helped a number of large retailers maximize profits and reduce lead-time for in-store branding changeovers so give us a call. Check out our gallery of images for some samples:

Happy Holidays!



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